Information about Summer 2021 Construction Improvements at Beye

Improvements at Beye Elementary School during Summer 2021 will bring accessibility and equity to the facility, while also refreshing the corridors and bringing air cooling to the third-floor classrooms.  

To accommodate those with disabilities, several modifications are being made to eliminate stairs and create ramps within the corridors, as well as providing an elevator with a new stairwell on the west side of the building. At completion, all levels of the building will be vertically accessible. Additionally, one student toilet room for each gender per floor will be renovated to accommodate handicapped stalls.

Enhancements to the library environment continues the district’s effort to improve all of the elementary libraries. The space will be entirely reimagined to meet collaborative teaching initiatives, including a STEM Lab, and to be on par with the recent library improvements at the other elementary schools. Additionally, the existing locker room spaces will be repurposed to provide additional classrooms and resource space.

A refresh on all corridors including new flooring, ceiling, lights, paint, and tackboards will unite the various levels and ages of the facility. Finally, the third-floor classrooms will receive new quieter mechanical units to provide both heating and cooling, and better indoor air quality. These rooms will also receive new flooring, ceilings, and lighting as well as new casework.

The improvements will allow District 97 to maintain a 20th Century facility and enhance it to meet the needs of 21st Century teaching.

CLICK HERE to view the webcam for the Beye construction project.

Click the image below to view sketches of the Beye library project.

Photo: Sketches of Beye construction improvements to be made during Summer 2021