Photo of Kristen Sundquist

Kristen Sundquist

Art Teacher

Ms. Sundquist has been teaching Art at Beye School since 2006.

Art is an integral part of the D97 curriculum & balances academic learning to develop the whole child. The Art Department supports the idea that our Art Curriculum is experiential; students learn their best by doing. It is also sequential; each year students build upon and expand their art making skills. In the art room we help to develop small motor control & hand-eye coordination so that our children can express their unique feelings and experiences. Making art sharpens the powers of observation & concentration and builds creative problem-solving skills students will use throughout their lives.

Frequently asked questions…

How often do students attend Art class?

All K-5 students attend Art class once a week for 60 minutes.

Does my student need an art smock?

Yes, although it’s not required, I highly recommend it! An old, large t-shirt or dress shirt will do the trick.

What will my student learn in Art class?

Students at each grade level explore drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. 

When will my student bring home artwork?

Artwork is sent home 1-2 times per year.