Photo of Natalie Bauman

Natalie Bauman

5th Grade Teacher

This is my 15th year as a teacher at Beye School, and it is my 21st year as an Elementary Teacher. In 1997 graduated from the University of Minnesota. I loved the Western United States, so I looked for a job far from home.  I began my career as a first and second grade teacher in the small town of Aztec, New Mexico. Aztec is a small town in the Four Corners area, and due to its close proximity I was able to make my home in Durango, Colorado. I worked at a school called Lydia Rippey Elementary School, which was located only a third of a mile from the Aztec Ruins, a village once occupied by the Anasazi People. After my 6th year teaching I felt the call of the Midwest and wanted to live closer to my family. In 1994 I was hired to work at Beye, and have been here ever since. I now live in Glen Ellyn with my two daughters. Sydney is 14 and has started her freshman at Glenbard South High School.  She is an avid basketball player and I spend a lot of my free time watching her play with her travel or school teams. Isabelle is 12 and is in 7th grade at Glen Crest Middle School.  Bella (that is what we call her) spends her time playing soccer with her Synergy Soccer Club. Thus, my time is also spent on many a soccer field in the midwest area. I love to garder, travel, and be with my friends and family.  I also love being a 5th grade teacher at Beye!

Degrees: Bachelor of Science - University of Minnesota

Lydia Rippey Elementary School - 6 years