Fine Arts

Kristiana Murray
Arts 7-1

Welcome to Studio d301 with Mrs. Murray

Mrs. Murray photoI am a very creative person! Yes, my job depends on it, but being a Thinker and Inquirer on a daily basis is a huge part of me at home and at work. I like to analyze things, wonder how they work and design a device or method to solve a problem.

I am also a very Caring person. You can often find me taking care of my 2 little boys and making sure all my friends and family are doing well. This contributes to the most dominant part of my traits- Balance! I cannot find balance and peace in my life if I do not practice yoga, go running, play with my kids, travel, explore nature, and hang out with my husband, dance with my friends, share my talents (teaching) and create!

This year, I am honored to teach Applied arts, Arts and Culture and Art Foundations to our fantastic and talented Brooks artists.  For all the information you need on your class, refer to your Canvas page.

I also run "Art Staff" (the art club that paints all the murals at Brooks).  This year we will finish out the installation of the IB global contexts on the 3rd-4th floor stairwell with guest artist, Alecks Cruz.  Stay tuned for announcements for an application timeline.

Contact me via email if you have any questions. Have a great school year!

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