4th Grade

Evaluating a Website


Search Engines - start here before using Google. These sites have good information that's student friendly.

Images - Creative Commons licensed images, good for school projects.

  • Flickr Commons: A source for images, many of which are from national museums and libraries
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Pics4Learning: Choose from popular topics or perform a search.
  • Britannica Image Quest: Click on tools on the left side and choose the Image Quest button.



  • BrainyQuote: Type your person in the search bar, then click on the first link available.

Civil War

  • From Avery Elementary School, several useful sites about topics related to the Civil War.
  • Understanding slavery, from Discovery Education.
  • Information from the Civil War Trust. They have a great students page. Click on the left for biographies of key people.
  • Kids in the Civil War, an article from PBS.
  • concise video of the causes of the Civil War (and the effects, of course) from BrainPop.
  • Selected photos (and a really useful timeline) of the War, from the Library of Congress.
  • New blogs from the Library of Congress; this one features Voices of the Civil War- first person, eye-witness narratives of the Civil War.