Library Policies


  • 7:50 am to 2:55 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 7:50 am to 1:55 pm Wednesday

The library is closed daily from 11:15-12:45 during the lunch hour, unless previously arranged with Ms. Maneck.


  • Kindergarten: 1 book, 1 week
  • 1st and 2nd grades: 2 books, 2 weeks
  • 3rd grade: 3 books, 2 weeks
  • 4th and 5th grades: 3 books, 2 weeks (plus books for special projects)

NOTE: The last checkout of the school year, each student will be allowed one book on his or her record. This will ensure that all our materials are returned before the end of the school year. 

Overdue materials

One of the most important responsibilities of using the library is to be aware of the materials we have checked out, and be aware of when those materials are due. Students are welcome to renew (check their books out again) as many times as they'd like UNLESS another student or teacher has requested that material.

Students may not check out books if they have any materials overdue. 

Lost/Damaged Materials

Students are responsible for paying for lost or damaged materials. Lost or damaged materials should be reported to Ms. Maneck or Ms.Friedman as soon as possible. If you think you've lost a book-- keep looking! We always tell students to look in the most unexpected places (under the couch, behind the bed...) because books often turn up in odd places. Do your best to find what you may have lost!

If you cannot find your book, magazine, Playaway, etc., items can be paid for by cash, check, or online. If you find your book within the school year, and it is still in good shape (undamaged), please return it to the library for a refund.

Other policies

All students must have a LIBRARY PASS when coming to the library outside their regular class time. 

Teachers, please refer to the Library Media Center google calendar for specific class times. If you see a time outside your scheduled half hour that you would like to reserve (for special projects, time in the library working with Ms. Maneck, etc) please contact Ms. Maneck or Ms. Friedman to schedule this time.

Please be respectful, responsible, and safe...always! This applies to technology as well. Materials should be treated with respect, and if they are not, consequences will be applied as outlined in the district's acceptable use policy.