Mann School Pick Up/Drop Off

How should cars enter and exit the Berkshire drop-off zone?
Cars should enter the Berkshire drop-off zone from Forest. You will not be allowed to turn until you get to Kenilworth.

Are there any other places to drop-off children besides Berkshire?
We recommend you use one of the nearby streets—such as Kenilworth or Berkshire east of Kenilworth—and let the Crossing Guards and Safety Patrollers safely cross your children onto school grounds. Just remember: Do not drop off children at corners. This practice is dangerous and illegal, and creates a pedestrian crossing hazard.

Cars attempting to pick up or drop off children on the north side of Berkshire (between Forest & Kenilworth) will be ticketed. Cars who wish to use the Berkshire drop-off/pick-up zone must enter from Forest and use the south side of the street.

Traffic Restrictions

On Berkshire between Woodbine and Kenilworth please adhere to the following restrictions when dropping off or picking up your children:

  1. Vehicles traveling southbound on Woodbine can only turn right (westbound) onto Berkshire.
  2. Northbound traffic onto Woodbine will not be permitted from Berkshire.
  3. Pedestrians will no longer be able to cross Berkshire at Woodbine during school drop off and pick up periods. All pedestrian traffic will be directed to cross Berkshire at Kenilworth.