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Mantra of the Month: We can do it!

What are we doing in school this week?

Here are the LEARNING TARGETS for May 31st - June 7th:

MATH: (Module 7: Geometry and Measurement Word Problems)

*I can compare and classify polygons.

*I can draw polygons with specified attributes to solve problems.

*I can work with tangram puzzles and create some of my own as a way of observing relationships among the shapes. 

*I can keep up with my daily lessons in Xtra Math and Zearn. 


READING:  (Fairy Tales)

*I can read and discuss classic and fractured fairy tales

*I can compare and contrast fairy tales.

*I can summarize fairy tales.

*I can create story mountains to analyze the characters in fairy tales.


WRITING: (Fairy Tales) 

*I can write my own original fairy tale using things I know about the way fairy tales tend to go.

*I can create my own fractured fairy tale using aspects of an original tale.

*I can revise and edit my writing, while paying close attention to punctuation, capitalization, and organization.


SECOND STEP:  (Managing Hurt Feelings)

*I can work through a problem without using blaming words. 

*I can understand, and use, the steps involved in problem solving in order to deal with conflicts with others that could result in hurt feelings. 



*I can use my iPad appropriately by only accessing apps and websites that I am directed to by my teacher.

*I can be a responsible digital citizen.


Our Daily Schedule:

Daily Schedule Screenshot 



Odds and Ends

  • REMINDER: School dismissal is 30 minutes earlier (at 2:30 PM) EVERY Wednesday.

  • Lunch will be eaten daily in our classroom.  A sandwich, nachos, or a pizza kit, as well as white or chocolate milk will be available for students who do not choose to bring a lunch from home.  If your child does bring a lunch from home, all lunch items, as well as snacks, must be NUT-FREE.  Some safe snack items include: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, dried fruit, apple squeezers, fruit snacks, packaged popcorn, packaged pretzels.
  • Mrs. Nelson's Special Area Class Schedule:

    • Mondays - Spanish and Music
    • Tuesdays - Art
    • Wednesdays - Music
    • Thursdays - Spanish and Library (Don't forget your library book returns)
    • Fridays - P.E. (Don't forget your gym shoes) 

Special Area Teacher Contact Information:

Instructions for editing work in Google Classroom:

  • Select posted assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Tap on PDF to open assignment.
  • Tap pencil in top right corner.
  • Use tools at the bottom of the screen to write on PDF.
  • DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR WORK (top right corner).

If you need to return to an assignment, tap on ‘Your Work’ at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the ‘Edited’ PDF. You will be able to access your previous work.

To turn in assignments, tap on ‘Your Work’ at the bottom of the screen and tap blue ‘Turn In’ button.

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Save the Date  

  • Monday, May 30th - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
  • Thursday, June 2nd - All School BINGO Celebration
  • Monday, June 6th - Vivienne's Birthday! 
  • Monday, June 6th - 3rd Grade Field Day - 1:15 - 2:30 PM at Longfellow Park
  • Tuesday, June 7th - Last Day of School! / Third Trimester Report Cards go home

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