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Learning Websites and Resources for Students

Scholastic Story Ideas

GeoBoard Practice

Polygon Side Names

LEGO Workshop Instructions:

IAR Practice Tests

       Math #1

       Math #2

       Math #3

       Math #4

       Reading #1

       Reading #2

       Reading #3

Oak Park Education Foundation

InfoBits for Research

Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest

Seesaw Student Work Showcase


Greek Mythology

Aesop's Fables

iPads - Approved Academic Choice Activities
  • Zearn (math)

  • RAZ (reading)

  • Lexia (if applicable)

  • Explore any Websites and Games on Mrs. Nelson's teacher page

  • Write a story in Google Docs, Pages, or Book Creator

  • Do extra research on a topic you are learning about in class, using safe search sites (below)

  • Create a project on a topic you are learning about in class

  • Independent research - Check topic with teacher

  • Google Classroom assignments and activities

You should NOT be accessing:

  • YouTube

  • Google (general searches AND images) - Use safe search sites (below) only

  • Non-educational sites/games

  • Screen shots

Safe Search Sites:

Google Junior

Sweet Search


Britanica Elementary

Oak Park Public Library Research Resources

Safe Image Searches:

Britannica Images