Welcome to Art at Irving School

All students have art once a week for 60 minutes. Most students have Mrs. Tague, but because of our growing numbers, there are two other art teachers who travel to Irving from other D97 schools.

The art room is set up as an art studio where students are responsible for thinking of their own ideas, getting supplies, and making art! There are different stations around the room with supplies for creating all types of art. Once each station is introduced, students are allowed to work with those supplies on projects of their choice.

Mrs Tague teaches all grade levels in the art room. To see pictures and videos discussed in class, plus lots of fun links, check out http://irvingartclass.blogspot.com. You can also follow Mrs. Tague @tagueart on Instagram and Twitter!

Ms. Connell travels from Whittier and teaches two kindergarten classes in the Community Room on Thursday afternoons.

Mrs. Ruff travels between Longfellow and Holmes, and comes to Irving on Wednesdays to teach one 2nd grade class in the lunch room. Check out her website   http://www.op97.org/[email protected]/mrs-ruffs-art-room and follow her on Twitter @ArtWithMrsRuff.