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E-learning starts on Monday March 16th. Have your child keep practicing Spanish at home. 

Students grades K-2nd

Students grades 3rd-5th

Other digital resources: 

If you need to contact me, please do so at [email protected] Also follow the District's Spanish department on Facebook: facebook.com/d97Spanish

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Srta. Zaragoza

Click here to learn more about the Oak Park District 97 World Language Spanish (FLES) program.

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 2019-2020!

- Srta. Zaragoza

Welcome to Ms Zaragoza's Irving Spanish website.

I am excited to start my 13th year at Irving. I look forward teaching your child; students in grades K-2 will have Spanish three times and students in grades 3-5 will have Spanish two times each week for 30 minutes.

What does a typical Spanish class entail? Fun and learning!  We sing songs, dance, play games, read, role-play and learn all in the target language. Our classes are hands on, interactive and lively!  Instruction is almost 100% in Spanish. Instruction is not based on vocabulary lists and drills but more of a natural organic approach using hands on learning.

It takes approximately 240 minutes to improve in Spanish and our students only have class 60 or 90 minutes a week. On average, students need to hear a word approximately 100 times before they can effectively and efficiently produce the word. Therefore, most of our students are novice learners that need context, visuals, and familiar contexts to help them communicate, and they do so best with those accustomed to interacting with language learners.

If you are on twitter follow me @IrvingEspanol for updates and pictures in Spanish class.

Read the Irving's Spanish team Welcome letter!

Looking forward to a great year!- Srta. Zaragoza