Brooks School Track and Field

The track and field program at Brooks provides each athlete with the opportunity to excel to his or her full potential by both developing athletic speed, endurance, and strength and fostering high-esteem, personal accountability, self- discipline, goal setting, goal achievement and community service. We are seeking to develop well-rounded individuals who learn not only the fundamentals of athletic training, but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character.

Interested athletes must have a physical on file to participate!  A meeting will be held IN MID-MARCH? to discuss the upcoming season.  Listen to the announcements for more information.


Mrs. Ruby Dajani 
Ms. Avivah Buie
Mr. Otis Powell 


6th graders can have a separate sports physical or the school physical with the sports box checked by their doctor.

7th and 8th graders need to have a separate sports physical because they have to be given every year. 
* Please bring 2 copies and turn them in to 1.) Nurse/Office 2.) Coach by the dates according to when your sport begins.

If these requirements for physicals aren't met, they cannot try out for the team.