Dr. Kelley Referenda Message

On behalf of our district and the more than 6,000 students we serve, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation about our two upcoming referenda. The thoughtful discussion and dialogue we have had regarding issues such as state funding, fiscal stewardship, and the value of instruction in art, music and foreign language reflect Oak Park’s steadfast commitment to education and fervent belief in the critical role it plays in a child’s ability to learn, grow and achieve.

During the past few months, we have connected with hundreds of people via our community-wide educate and inform campaign. Despite these extensive efforts, we realize there may be individuals who still have questions about the referenda prior to Election Day. That is why we urge anyone who is seeking referenda-related information between now and April 4 to visit thewebsitewe launched in January. This site includes:

  • A brief overview, how did we get here, how much the referenda will cost, the investments that will be made if both referenda questions pass and the impact on our schools and students if both questions fail.
  • A two-page fact sheet about the referenda.
  • Expanded and condensed versions of the referenda PowerPoint presentation that were used for giving updates during Board of Education meetings and providing background information throughout the educate and inform campaign.
  • Answers to a variety of frequently asked questions regarding the referenda.

You canaccess this site by clicking here.

Lastly, I realize time has become a precious commodity for many of us. We are constantly being pulled in a number of different directions, and are often left to make difficult choices about what our priorities will be on any given day. With that said, I strongly encourage voters to set aside time on April 4 to make your voices heard not only on the referenda, but also the races for elected office that include the District 97 Board of Education. The choices you make that day will help shape the future of our schools and village for years to come. You can access ballot and polling place information for Oak Park byvisiting the website for the Cook County Clerk’s Office. You can also take advantage ofearly voting at Village Hall between now and April 1

Thank you for time and attention to this matter, and for you continued support of our schools, our students and our community.


Dr. Carol Kelley