Staff Profile: Paul Duda

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Paul Duda, a white man with glasses and a beard, is sitting in front of a computer.Paul Duda, Technology Specialist
Julian Middle Schoool

Paul Duda joined District 97 in 2017 as a technology specialist at Mann Elementary School. This year, he is working at Julian Middle School, providing support to staff and students who are using a variety of technology resources in conjunction with their teaching and learning.

Paul earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from DePaul University, and worked as a social worker for non-profit agencies for 12 years before shifting his focus to information technology. He began taking classes at the College of DuPage, where he earned a web design certificate. He went on to work for a small IT business consulting firm for seven years before joining District 97. 

Paul's Favorite Part of Being a Technology Specialist:

"My favorite part of being a tech specialist is helping the staff and students get through their day a little easier. When I help a teacher to be able to print a document they need or show a student how to reset their Chromebook so it works correctly for the rest of the school day, I know that I am making a difference."

On the Importance of Technology Specialists in District 97:

"Helping students and staff to be able to successfully use the resources and technology we have available is really what being a tech specialist is all about to me. The tech specialist is there to be a resource and to facilitate the goals of equity for all students. Keeping the Chromebooks in working order and addressing any technical issues that the teachers have allows the students to focus on learning and the teachers to focus on teaching."

Mann Principal Faith Cole:

"When Paul was the tech specialist at Mann, he was always wiling to help any staff member whenever needed. He made our staff feel comfortable, and was patient with everyone. He is worth his weight in gold!"

Fun Fact:

In his spare time, Paul is also a musician and recording engineer. He is currently a member of the Oak Park-based rock band Toy Robots.