YEMBA Recognizes D97 Students During Commencement Ceremony

YEMBA Recognizes D97 Students During Commencement Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 22, YEMBA, Inc. held a commencement ceremony at Julian Middle School for its Mentoring Empowerment Program. During this event, approximately 100 family and community members helped recognize and honor District 97 middle school students for the growth they experienced and progress they made in areas such as academics, attendance, socialization and sportsmanship during their time in the program.  

For the past 12 years, YEMBA has provided students from Brooks and Julian with access to after-school programming that helps them:

  • Build their self-esteem and self-worth
  • Grow their leadership skills
  • Focus on their academics

Through its Mentoring Empowerment Program, YEMBA helps kids find their voice and become advocates for themselves. The organization also teaches them about conflict resolution, how to successfully resist peer pressure to try drugs or alcohol, and how to avoid engaging in negative social media interactions.

You can learn more about YEMBA and its Mentoring Empowerment Program by visiting