ArtFest/Poetry Slam

Art Fest is a celebration of the arts at Irving School. This evening of art and poetry takes place each April. It includes Visual Art displays, Spanish activities, Musical performances, Traveling Poets, Dance/Movement activities and lots more! The night culminates with a dynamic Poetry Slam in the auditorium, complete with a DJ and emceed by Mr. Williams.

The visual art display is a showcase of student artwork created during the school year. Each student has one work of art on display in the hallway. Mrs. Tague works with the students to select a piece that represents their best work.

The Traveling Poets are exactly that! Irving students travel the halls performing poetry to anyone who will listen. They are organized by Ms. Noonan.

Mrs. Hiolski and our music staff help organize the Irving chorus and other musical performances throughout the night while Ms. Zaragoza and our Spanish teachers help students greet and chat with visitors in Spanish.