Family Survey: Determining Interest in On-Site Classes - Due Nov. 12

District 97 Superintendent Carol Kelley has convened an advisory panel to provide feedback and recommendations on the district’s hybrid plans. The panel will meet every week with the goal of providing a recommendation by early- to mid-December.

As part of this planning work, District 97 is seeking to gauge how many students would participate in on-site classes in a hybrid learning model. Understanding student preferences by school and grade level will give us a better understanding of our staffing needs and the possibilities that may exist to adjust our proposed hybrid schedule.

To help us determine how many students are likely to attend classes on site (vs. continue with remote learning), we are asking families to complete ONE SURVEY PER STUDENT by 9 a.m. on Thursday, November 12. YOUR RESPONSE IS NOT A COMMITMENT. Survey data will be used by the advisory panel as they consider possible updates to the draft plan.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE SURVEY. Thank you in advance for your time and input!


How will responses be used? Who will review them?
The number of students who opt into hybrid learning vs. full-time remote learning will impact how we operationalize a hybrid plan. This survey will help us estimate how many students are likely to return to on-site learning, and responses will shed light on our families’ existing concerns and priorities.

The responses will be reviewed by the district administrative team and shared with the Superintendent Advisory Panel and Board of Education by Friday, Nov. 13. We will make the results available to the public shortly after.

How can I answer the survey questions without specific details of the hybrid plan?
We understand that student learning preferences may depend on the details of the hybrid plan. However, for planning purposes, we are simply looking to gauge how many students are likely to return on site should we transition to a hybrid model. This will help the panel and administration identify opportunities to revise/improve our hybrid plan. We are not asking families to make a final decision at this time.

Why do I have to complete one survey per student?
From a data perspective, receiving one survey per student will help us easily disaggregate responses by school, grade level and demographics. The survey takes fewer than 5 minutes to complete.

Will I have the opportunity to provide feedback on specific aspects of the hybrid plan?
Yes. There will be additional opportunities in the coming weeks for families to provide input. Additional feedback can be shared any time via Let’s Talk (COVID-19/Planning for 2020-21).