Family Teacher Conferences

Family-Teacher Conferences

Our shared vision demands the engagement of the entire community if we are to reach and support all of our students. Family-Teacher Conferences are an important opportunity to better understand our students, their progress and their needs. Below are some questions and resources to serve as a guide as you prepare for Family-Teacher Conferences. Thank you for your partnership and everything you do to support our students!

How is my student doing?

During your family-teacher conference, your student's teacher will want to discuss their progress this year. Assessments are carried out to see what our students know, understand and are able to do. They are very important for tracking progress, planning next steps, and ultimately, supporting your student's learning and growth. If you would like to learn about the assessments used in your student's school, how the results are used to support teaching and learning, and how you can use the information to understand your child's progress, check out the resources, video and presentation below!

What should my student be able to do?

Click on the buttons or images below to view the big three things your student should be able to do in English Language Arts and Mathematics by the end of each grade level. Haga clic aquí para ver las tres grandes cosas que su estudiante debería poder hacer al final de cada nivel de grado >>

Big Three: Grades K-2 >>

Los Tres Grandes: Grados K-2 >>

Grades K-2

Big Three: Grades 3-4 >>

Los Tres Grandes: Grados 3-4

Grades 3-4

Big Three: Grades 5-6 >>

Los Tres Grandes: Grados 5-6

Grades 5-6

Big Three: Grades 7-8 >>

Los Tres Grandes: Grados 7-8

Grades 7-8