Enrichment (Formerly GTD)


Oak Park Elementary School District 97 recognizes that outstanding talents are present in children from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavors. Services for students who are academically talented must be part of an overall educational program. It is our responsibility to discover, nurture, and develop the potential of each student.

We encourage continuous staff development and collaboration among teachers, parents, and administrators, to better meet the needs of the academically gifted and talented students through the philosophy of differentiated instruction, strategies, and practices associated with differentiation.


  • To identify outstanding intellectual potential in students and recognize that demonstrated exceptional abilities require differentiated educational services that match student needs.
  • To offer a continuum of services designed to challenge academically gifted and talented students and to provide opportunities for the development of intellectual behaviors.
  • To integrate differentiated services into the school environment through collaboration, implementation, and evaluation among all teachers, parents, and administrators.
  • To support the district’s commitment to this program by providing educators with appropriate staff development and resources to meet the needs of academically talented students.
  • To communicate the nature and needs of academically gifted and talented students within the school and community in order to build awareness and develop an understanding of talented students’ needs.


Academically gifted and talented students must be given educational experiences appropriate to their level of ability if they are to reach their potential. Appropriate rigor and challenge in the curriculum may include, but not be limited to, acceleration, advanced content, a higher degree of complexity, flexible grouping, curriculum compacting, in-depth studies, enrichment opportunities, flexible pacing, and differentiated content, process, and/or products.

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