Teaching and Learning Staff

Dr. Eboney Lofton

Chief Academic and Accountability Officer

Photo of Dr. Carrie Kamm

Dr. Carrie Kamm

Senior Director of Equity

Photo of Dr. Tawanda Lawrence

Dr. Tawanda Lawrence

Senior Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Photo of Emilie Creehan

Emilie Creehan

Director of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Photo of Emily Fenske

Emily Fenske

Director of Organizational Learning

Photo of Megan Stewart

Megan Stewart

Teacher Leader for Mentoring

Photo of Jennifer Logan

Jennifer Logan

Curriculum Specialist Grades K-5

Photo of Veena Rajashekar

Veena Rajashekar

Curriculum Specialist Grades 6-8

Casey Leiby

IB and Special Area Coordinator

Photo of Maggie Cahill

Maggie Cahill

Climate and Culture Coach

Maggie Cahill is the Climate and Culture Coach for Brooks feeder schools: Hatch, Holmes...

  • www.op97.org/[email protected]/mrs-cahills-website (opens in new window)

Gina Harris

Climate and Culture Coach

Gina Harris is the Culture and Climate Coach for Julian feeder schools: Beye, Irving, L...

Dana Aviles

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Fuller

Administrative Assistant