Music Curriculum

Through the use of singing, playing instruments, movement, speech, and drama, the District 97 General Music (K-5) program provides experiences which enrich the whole child. We believe music and creativity are innate in children. Guided by the National Core Arts Standards for Music, D97 teachers utilize imitation, experimentation, personal expression, and creation/composition, through their sequenced curriculum, to enable students to become lifelong musicians and creative problem solvers. We believe all forms and styles of music (classical, folk, rap, jazz, world, pop, etc.) are essential to create well-rounded citizens of the global community.

The Choral Program is a fundamental component of the District 97 Arts Curriculum, which balances academic learning and musical experiences to develop the whole child. The curriculum is designed to help each singer improve their own vocal skills, expand their musical knowledge and understanding, and provide opportunities for students to grow personally and musically through rehearsals and performances. Each singer performs varied and diverse repertoire and learns to be versatile within an ensemble while improving their own vocal skills. In addition, students gain a desire to continually improve their skills by listening, reflecting, and evaluating past performances and other ensemble performances. Through the study of music theory and sight singing, we will give District 97 music students the tools to become literate musicians. Students will also make connections to music and its relationship to both other arts and disciplines beyond the arts bringing lasting enjoyment as an activity that can be pursued for a lifetime!

The Instrumental Music Department Curriculum focuses in particular on State Goal 26, as written below.

State Goal 26: Through creating and performing, understand how works of art are produced.

26A: Understand processes, traditional tools, and modern technologies used in the arts.
26B: Apply skills and knowledge necessary to create and perform in one or more of the arts.

For the complete set of standards and skills taught in the Instrumental Music program, please view the Instrumental Curriculum by Level curriculum guide.