Social Science/Individuals and Societies Curriculum

The overriding goal of District 97 social science is to develop intellectually capable and caring world citizens. The content focuses on local, State, U.S., and World History as well as Geography, Culture, Civics / Government. The content also takes a multicultural approach – offering various perspectives and experiences throughout history. There is a focus on developing historical thinking skills – offering guiding questions, constructing arguments, and using primary and secondary sources as evidence. This allows students to build essential critical reading and writing skills. Students also participate in role-playing and simulations where they problem solve historical and present day issues. Other student centered activities, such as research projects, debate, creating presentations and iMovies, are implemented. Connections to past historical events and themes to the present day are a constant objective as students develop a sense of how individuals and societies function and interact and what their individual and collective role is in being an advocate for positive change.