About Oliver Wendell Holmes School

School Address
508 N. Kenilworth, Oak Park IL 60302  Map | Directions

Welcome to Holmes School, a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school in beautiful Oak Park, Illinois. We are a diverse community, dedicated to the education of our children.

School Mission

  • Foster positive relationships by honoring differences, embracing diversity and celebrating growth
  • Provide equitable and meaningful learning experiences
  • Engage students through culturally responsive practices
  • Empower students to be collaborative leaders
  • Prepare students to be lifelong learners and active citizens

School Vision

To create a positive learning environment that is equitable, inclusive, and focused on the whole child.

School Motto:

School Pledge:

We the staff and students promise to do our best at work and play
To respect people and property everyday
It's up to us to make each day the best we can in every way
We pledge to follow every rule and be proud of this our HOLMES SCHOOL.
School Colors: Black & Red
School Mascot:   A Hawk