Michaela Ruff

Art Teacher

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I have been so fortunate to teach Art since 2006, when I gratudated from the University of New Mexico. In 2010, I recieved a Masters from St. Xavier University for Teacher Leadership. This degree has helped me to develop a strong voice on teams that help think outside the box for our staff and students. In 2017 I began teaching in Oak Park and am currently traveling between Holmes and Longfellow.  It is so amazing having 2 schools that I get to connect and create with!!!!! I feel incredibly lucky to work in such student-focused schools!

I am one of the few Oak Park gems that are from here, currently live here, and work here in our community ;) My children are going to be D97 students as well, so I am beyond invested in our community and wake up SO excited to create art with our youth every day!!!!

Twitter: @ArtWithMrsRuff