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Creative Drawing Ideas

1.       Design a postage stamp for the first letter mailed to Mars.

2.       Create a new species of fish.

3.       Draw the best dream you ever had.

4.       Use at least three of your favorite songs to create an interesting picture.

5.       Draw the worst nightmare you ever had.

6.       Design a robot that will do a chore you don’t like doing.

7.       What would you do with one million dollars?  Draw it!

8.       Design a shopping bag for the fanciest store in the world.

9.       You are a scuba diver and you have just made the most exciting underwater discovery. What have you found?

10.   Design a family crest that tells something about you and your family.

11.   Create an invention that will change the lives of everyone on earth.

12.   If you looked into a crystal ball, what would your future look like?

13.   Design your dream bedroom.

14.   Imagine it is your birthday.  Draw the present that you would want most.

15.   Draw an undiscovered bird that you saw living in the jungle.

16.   Imagine you see pictures in the clouds.  What are they?

17.     You have just performed a heroic deed.  Draw yourself and write a story on the front page of the newspaper.

18.   Design a trophy and who would you give it to?

19.    Space explorers have discovered flowers growing on the moons of Jupiter.  What do they look like?

20.   Design a wrapper and make up a name for a delicious new candy bar.

21.   Draw what transportation will look like in the next century.

22.   Draw your idea of paradise.

23.   Construct a city on another planet.

24.   Create a garden to accompany a brand new home.

25.   What will you look like in twenty years?

26.   Illustrate a scene from a movie, book, or video game.

27.   Draw yourself in a scene from anytime in the past.

28.   Draw a poster to advertise your favorite movie.

29.   Draw what a garden looks like from the eyes of an insect.

30.   Create the most interesting sand castle ever seen.

31.   Design a house that is underground.

32.   Design a boat/ship that you would like to travel around the world in.

33.   Design a new building to be the center piece of a city skyline.

34.   Design a modern style house.

35.   Create a hybrid animal by combining two or more animals.