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Oak Park Area Art Classes and Camps


OPEF Base Camp 2019 - Middle School students only- mosaic installation at 4 Elementary schools


Summer Art Explosion - Camp with Mrs. Murray (Brooks) and Ms. Raia (Longfellow), grades K-8, Pk-5


Blue Lake Summer art Camp - Sleepaway-camp in Michigan. Grades 5-12


Oak Park Art League - Summer camps ages 8-13, teen classes


Magical Minds - Summer camp, after school and now offering programs for middle schoolers including a maker-space


Little Bits Workshop - with Liita Forsyth


Art Institute - Elementary and Middle School camps


Lill street- Ravenswood, Chicago…. far but amazing art center!


Hyde Park Art Center - Summer camps, evening and weekend classes


Creativita - Adult “paint and sip”, kid class and parties


Elmhurst Art Museum - Kids, teens, adult classes and summer camps


Chicago Mosaic School - N. Side of Chicago, great facility, very professional for mosaics


Terra Incognito - For clay and jewelry


Sandra Dawson - Local "in-home" artist studio. Small groups, lots of choice.


Dominican Summer Gifted and Talented Program - Grades 2-12


Interlochen - Summer sleep-away camp in lower NW Michigan, grades 3-12


SCAW - Oak Park park district art camp, K-5th grade