About Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School

School Address

325 S. Kenilworth Oak Park, IL 60302
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Concept of a Middle School

Middle school is a bridge between elementary school and high school. The middle school environment offers a unique opportunity for children to develop positive identities as citizens and life-long learners while preparing for the rigors of high school. The middle school concept was embraced by Oak Park as an alternative to the junior high model which is department driven and functions as a "mini" high school.

School Vision

two students sitting beside each otherWe understand how creative pursuits at the middle school positively affect our students’ self- esteem, sense of teamwork, and respect for others. We will continue with our solid base of offerings in music, art, and theatre, and look to develop new opportunities for students not currently participating.

We will seek to diversify our array of physical fitness choices (intra-curricular and extra- curricular) for all grade levels, understanding how important physical fitness is to middle school students. We will be no less earnest in our vision when it comes to mental and emotional fitness in our students. Subject area clubs and competitions will continue to encourage students and contribute to their self-esteem outside of class time. To promote emotional well-being in our individual students and in our school climate at large, we will design and implement strategies to make certain that students demonstrate respect for others.

As a school and family community, all of us -- administration, teachers, auxiliary staff, parents, students, and the Community of Oak Park -- realize we will need to work side-by-side to fulfill our vision. It will require patience, understanding, and dedication on all our parts, and we will remind and support each other in holding our vision true and steady.