New Online Bullying Report Form Now Available for All D97 Schools

District 97 has developed a new online Bullying Report Form that will help us improve and strengthen the culture, climate and sense of belonging in our schools. The concept and several aspects of this form were based on a reporting tool that one of our middle school students created with the help of a few administrators and his peers. 

Students, staff members and families can use the form at any time to report a conflict or behavior that they feel is disruptive, hostile or makes a student feel unsafe. They can also communicate how they want the reported concern to be addressed. This may include speaking with the social worker, administrative intervention, mediation, etc.  Any information shared via the form will be automatically and immediately sent to a designated school staff member for review and response. 

While having the names of the people who complete the form and/or were involved in an incident will enable us to more effectively address a reported conflict or behavior, providing that information is not required. 

The Bullying Report Form is accessible in several locations on the district's family of websites, including the drop-down menu under the section titled Students that is located in the main navigation on every page, as well as in the quick links that are featured in the colored text boxes on the left side of each school site.

Please contact the building principal if you have questions or need more information about the form.

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