BRAVO Wins Top Award at National Festival

BRAVO Wins Top Award at National Festival

BRAVO performing arts program took home their 11th Freddie G. Outstanding Production award at the Junior Theater Festival, which took place January 13-15 in Atlanta. The annual festival celebrates and empowers student-driven musical theater programs from all over the world.

Each festival group performed 15 minutes of a Broadway Junior musical for the judges. Under the artistic direction of Tina Reynolds, the Brooks Middle School-based musical theater students impressed judges with their 15-minute performance from Fame JR, which led to standing ovations from the five other groups, as well as judges and families.
“BRAVO brought magic and life to this difficult show!” judge Cindy Ripley said. “These kids have mastered the balance of the craft of theatre--beautiful transitions, staging and music.”

BRAVO is open to all Brooks students and serves up to 500 students. Each year, BRAVO produces eight theater productions and provides a range of afterschool clubs at no cost to families. BRAVO also welcomes children from throughout the community to participate in their summer camps and Bravo Junior camp.

The BRAVO cast included:
Seventh-graders: Charlotte Benson, Emma Cardwell, Alice Chomicz, Jonah Clark, Joshua Cousin, Tessa Dominowski, Caitlin Groben, Nova Kearns, Anna Kunkle, Danny Lesiowski, Hannah Mellios, Julia Navarro, Clare Newton, Hogan Porter, Ella Stanis

Eighth-graders: Lucy Adams, Mariel Buckley, Juliet Castaneda, Olivia Cruz, Anastasia Delis, Camila Gomez, Simon Gulbransen, Raymond Janosky, Mia Kamps, Katherine Kiker, Bailey Mahoney, Mallory McConville, Mary Kate Saam, Oliver Schnizlein, Tekla Schreiner-Witte, Chaya Shah-Hempel, Nialiah Togba, Cecilia Wesley, Lucy Williams, Abigail Winter and Mariko Yu

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