Julian School Pick Up/Drop Off


Drop off and pick up for sixth graders will be on the south side of the school in the alley. The designated area for seventh graders is on Cuyler just off Washington Boulevard. Eighth graders can be picked up or dropped off on Ridgeland Avenue. Please do not pick up or drop off students in either the school’s staff parking lot nor in the bus zone on Washington Blvd. Using these areas creates an unsafe situation for students.

Inclement Weather
In cases where the weather prevents students from safely waiting outside until it is time to enter, the staff will open the doors at 8:30 a.m. and invite students to wait indoors. Seventh and eighth graders will wait in the commons, while sixth graders will wait in the area outside the auditorium. Students are not allowed to go to their classrooms or lockers early.

Entering Early
All students entering the building before the regular time come through the main entrance (1W).

Students are allowed into the building in the morning if they have a pre-arranged meeting with a teacher. They must have a pass from that teacher.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students are allowed to enter at 8 a.m. to study in the media center. They must have their student ID and sign in both at the door and in the media center. They are to go directly to the media center, not their lockers or classrooms.