William Hatch School People

Elena Awe

5th Grade Teacher

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Bess Bates

Social Worker

Taylor Bowman

2nd Grade Teacher

Rebekah Branch

2nd Grade Teacher

Lee Brummell

1st Grade Teacher

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Molly Bruno

FLES Teacher

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Maggie Cahill

Climate and Culture Coach

Maggie Cahill is the Climate and Culture Coach for Brooks feeder schools: Hatch, Holmes...

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Anne Ciosek

Speech Pathologist

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T. Michelle Cole

Long-Term Substitute

Michael Cruz

P.E. Teacher

PHYSICAL EDUCATION NEWS   The school year is in full swing. We are in the mi...

Jacqueline DiNatale

Reading Specialist

Anna Duran

Music Teacher

Daniel Duran

Building Engineer

Ashley Flemming

Teacher's Assistant

Hannah Gallup

Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Husbands

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Jaros

ESL Teacher

Background: I began working in D97 in 2009. As an EL teacher, I enjoy working with s...

Elizabeth Jarosch

3rd Grade Teacher

Jennifer Jones

1st Grade Teacher

Sue Kemper

Kindergarten Teacher

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Betsy Konovsky

1st Grade Teacher

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Steven Krzak

Administrative Assistant

Jean L'Heureux

Kindergarten Teacher

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Sherita Lyles

3rd Grade Teacher

Angela Martin

Kindergarten Teacher

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Mary McCarthy

Teacher's Assistant

Timothy McDonald

Adapted P.E. Teacher

Sarah Mendez


Sarah Mendez has served as the principal of Hatch Elementary School since July 2015.&nb...

Cathy Morgan

Physical Therapist

Caroline Nikolakakis

Enrichment Specialist

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in a big, boisterous, and loving Iri...

Shirley Park

5th Grade Teacher

Steve Perkins

4th Grade Teacher

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Martha Polley

Instructional Coach

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Cristina Pruitt

FLES Teacher

Katherine Quickery

4th Grade Teacher

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Andrew Righeimer

3rd Grade Teacher

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Bett Rogers

School Pyschologist

Michaela Ruff

Art Teacher

After receiving a K-12 Art Educating degree from the University of New Mexico in 2006, ...

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Monica Saldana

Certified Nursing Assistant

Ericka Shannon

Orchestra (Hatch, Irving, Lincoln, Mann)

Linda Sordilla

Media Clerk

Phyllis Space

Lunchroom Manager

Nefret Stringham

Media Specialist

Aurora Tabar

Occupational Therapist

James Tillman


Lauren Trout

Special Education Coordinator - Hatch, Holmes, Mann, Whittier

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education from Miami University of Ohio (2013) Exper...

Kelly Valle

Special Education Teacher

Lauren Vega

2nd Grade Teacher

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Nina Williams

5th Grade Teacher

Welcome to Ms. Williams's webpage! I am privileged to be one of the fifth-grad...

Rasheedah Williams

2nd Grade Teacher

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Porsche Winfield

Student Support Specialist

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Melody Young

Lunchroom Server

Noah Zand

4th Grade Teacher