Permissive Transfer

When a family moves to another school attendance area within Oak Park, but wishes to remain at the school their student has been previously attending, a permissive transfer may be granted for elementary and middle school students. Requests for permissive transfers will be considered on a case by case basis, following the guidelines outlined below. Such requests must be submitted to the District Registrar via this form no later than June 1 for the upcoming school year. No request will be considered after June 1.  

District Guidelines:

  • When the request is due to a change in address/residence within Oak Park for an elementary student, the student must have already completed three (3) consecutive years at the school where they wish to remain in order for the request to be considered.
    • Requests for younger siblings who have not yet completed three consecutive years at the school, including incoming kindergartners, will only be considered if the older sibling has already been granted a permissive transfer and is also attending that school for the requested transfer year. When requests for multiple siblings are submitted at the same time, the oldest student’s application will be reviewed first and must be granted in order for the younger siblings’ application to be considered.
    • The parent/guardian will need to complete a new permissive transfer request form for middle school placement. Approval of a permissive transfer request for elementary school does not guarantee approval of a subsequent request for middle school.
  • When the request is due to a change in address/residence within Oak Park for a middle school student, the request may be made in any year. 

All permissive transfer requests go through a two-step approval process:

Step 1: The district registrar will first review the request to ensure that it meets the district guidelines outlined in this document. If not, the registrar will notify the parent/guardian that the request has been denied.

Step 2: Permissive transfer requests that have passed the registrar’s review will then require a recommendation by the building principal at the school where the student is requesting to remain/attend. The recommendation of the building principal will be made in August, before the start of school when enrollment and staffing projections are closer to being finalized. The principal will consider the following factors: 1) the student’s attendance record; and 2) the school’s projected staffing and enrollment data for the upcoming school year. The building principal may seek input from additional school staff. 

Renewal Provisions

If granted, an elementary student permissive transfer will remain in effect until the student completes fifth grade. A middle school student permissive transfer will remain in effect until the student completes eighth grade. However, all approved permissive transfers will be reviewed annually. The District reserves the right to revoke any approved permissive transfers if:

  • the student does not remain a resident of Oak Park, or
  • it is determined that attendance at the student’s neighborhood school is a necessary supportive measure, and
    • the student becomes chronically truant as defined by ISBE (nine or more unexcused absences), or
    • the student has excessive absenteeism as defined by ISBE (eighteen or more absences for any reason), or
    • the student is chronically tardy (nine or more tardies).


Regular education transportation will not be provided for any permissive transfer student.  Parent/guardians are responsible for providing transportation for their student(s) and ensuring the students arrive at school and are picked up from school in a timely manner.

Steps to Apply for a Permissive Transfer for the Upcoming School Year Beginning in August:

  1. The parent /guardian must complete the Permissive Transfer Request Form (linked below) and provide an explanation of how the request meets the district’s guidelines above, and submit it to the District Registrar no later than June 1.
  2. The District Registrar will review the request to determine whether it meets the district guidelines above.
  3. In August, the building principal at the school where the student wishes to remain/attend will review the request and consider the following factors:  the student’s attendance record, building enrollment and staffing projections for the upcoming school year. The building principal will then provide a recommendation to the District Registrar. 
  4. The District Registrar will notify the parent/guardian, in writing, of the decision regarding the request for permissive transfer by mid-August (i.e. on or around August 15).
  5. The parent/guardian may appeal the finding to the Associate Superintendent of Education whose decision is final.

District 97 Permissive Transfer Form