Required Residency Documents

Click on one of the links below to see the list of documents that must be provided by families registering each school year. You will be required to upload each document to the online registration system.

Uploading Documents

In order for documents to be reviewed and accepted, they must be clear, easy to read, and show the entire page(s).  All mortgages, leases, bills, etc used to prove residency must show all of the following:

  • Resident’s name
  • Oak Park address
  • Service Dates (last 30 days)
  • Company name

Additionally, leases must clearly show the following:

  • Leasing Company Name
  • Landlord/Leasing Agent Name
  • Landlord/Leasing Agent's Phone Number
  • Full Address including apartment number
  • Resident’s name
  • Student’s name(s)
  • Beginning and End Lease Dates
  • Landlord’s Signature
  • Resident’s Signature
  • All leases must cover August 31, 2024 or the student’s first day of school.

Upload Directions

If you pay bills using an app, do NOT take a screenshot from the app.  Apps do not contain all of the required information.

Instead, log into the company’s website and download your current bill as a PDF.  Either save the PDF or take a snapshot of it using your phone or tablet - just be sure to get the entire page.  Upload the pdf or picture directly into the online registration system.  If uploading a photo, be sure the photo is clear and all text is easy to read.

Please CLICK HERE for a list of directions for uploading your documents.