HAWC (Health and Wellness Committee) is in its second year at Irving. This is a group of 4th and 5th graders who are interested in Health and Wellness and want to share what they're discovering with all the students. Last year we held food tastings (butternut squash and quinoa), researched and shared facts on sleep, made and hung flu (how to prevent!) posters around the school, held a tooth estimation contest (how many teeth will the entire school lose in one month), wrote and read announcements for PACK week (packing a different color fruit or vegetable for snack) and talked about staying hydrated as the weather got warm. This year they researched how to stay warm in the cold...a perfect topic for the winter we've had! They wrote and read (or even sang) their advice during morning announcements. This culminated in a hot apple cider sale after school one day. The proceeds were sent to the American Red Cross to help the tornado victims in southern Illinois. Now we're preparing for "Healthy Habits" a school wide challenge where we encourage each person to pick one healthy habit and try it out for three weeks.

Contact Mrs. Hiolski for more information.