PBIS At Longfellow School

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.  

PBIS is a comprehensive, 3-tiered approach to implementing positive and consistent student discipline systems. Unlike other approaches to student discipline, PBIS encourages a positive climate school-wide, in all locations and for all students, by focusing systematically on:

      1)  Defining expectations across the school

       2)  Explicitly teaching expectations                                          

      3)  Reinforcing positive behavior

  • Bear Necessities
  • Weekly raffles
  • The Bear's Den 
  • School-wide Celebrations                  

      4)  Correcting behavioral errors

  • Reteaching
  • Reflection sheets 
  • Check In/Check Out

PBIS also recognizes that student discipline systems, including the definitions of and responses to problem behavior, need to be consistent across classroom and non-classroom settings.

We are proud to announce that Longfellow School is a "Silver Level Recipient" for PBIS implementation! This means that the program is being implemented with 80% fidelity in one tier as measured by an annual survey.