Longfellow Student Services

Sarah Bielecki

Social Worker

Elizabeth Chase-Vivas

Multilingual Teacher

Photo of Nicole Gallais

Nicole Gallais

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Donna Glover-Rogers, Ph.D.
Photo of Tricia Groben

Tricia Groben

Instructional Coach

Photo of Canika Gulley

Canika Gulley

Social Worker

Caleisha Henyard

Certified Nursing Assistant

Photo of Sally Kramer

Sally Kramer

Behavior Specialist

Photo of Lauren McKeand

Lauren McKeand

Speech-Language Pathologist

  • www.op97.org/[email protected]/lauren-agruss (opens in new window)

Cathy Morgan

Physical Therapist

Nicole Nessler

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Maggie Patino

Maggie Patino

Speech Therapist

  • www.op97.org/[email protected]/ms-macs-speech-and-language-therapy-maggie-mcelherne (opens in new window)

Meghan Taino

Speech-Language Pathologist

Christine Wetzel

Universal Design for Learning Coordinator - Beye and Longfellow

Jennifer Williams

Certified Nursing Assistant